Become A Partner

If you own an online or physical shop / boutique and interested in partnering with us, we got several flexible options for you to add our brand to your offerings. We want you to try us out, feel safe and confident in doing business with us.  See our options below:

Mini Packs

We offer all our styles in mini packs which comes in various sizes.  This is a very cost efficient way for you to try our products at discounted prices.

Drop Shipping

If you have an online store, and don’t want to worry about the costs of keeping inventory, then drop shipping is the way to go.  Simply display our products in your e-commerce website and forward any orders made there to us.  We then ship the products directly to your customer from our location.  No hassle and no inventory costs on your end.


If you have a physical store or boutique, but wish to try our brand first before making any financial commitment, then consignment is the way to go.  Test the water first and see if our product does well at your store.  Limited consignments available.

Interested in becoming a partner? Have any questions?  Please send email to