As most of our audience knows, Sirah The Label started with a mission to combine Fashion and Philanthropy. Our bio on our website exposes the root of our journey and how we plan to build the foundation of our mission.

As a start, every few months we will highlight one of the charities that we support and focus on how we give back.

This month – We’re sending love to the Compassion International Project, which emphasizing on bringing health care, food, clean water, and education to children in poverty countries. One of the children whom we will be sponsoring is a child from Uganda. Meet 6 year old Blandon.

Blandon lives in a community with high risk of AIDS, child rights violations, and has no clean water. He helps his father work occasionally by carrying supplies. With every purchase this month a portion of each sale will be directly sent to Compassion International where they will provide basic essentials for Blandon and his father.

Let’s send lots of love to Blandon this month!

We are excited to share with you all Sirah’s mission for the future! See our mission statement here.

Our goal is to make a difference in the world and help others who are in need. Our first project starts with Meet Blandon, we sponsor him in Uganda and our contribution to his future includes providing him with clean water, education, clothes, and health physicals. We selected him because he is a priority child who is flagged as needing immediate sponsorship because he lives in a country with high risk for child rights violation and AIDS affected area.  Safety is the number one priority for Blandon.

Follow us on our journey to making a difference in other people’s lives while we continue to create. We are so thankful this holiday for the opportunity to be a part of something special. Sending warm hugs and love to everyone today!

Blandon - Boy