About Sirah

Sirah The Label is a women’s fashion line designed by Ashley Sales.  The line is all about clean cuts and classic styles – less is truly more. Since the designs are simple yet stylish and elegant, pieces can easily be mixed and matched.  At its core it’s about versatility, elegance and rich solid fabrics. It plays with timeless and essential pieces with modern twists, and can be adapted for any occasion: day or night, work or play.


Mission Statement

Sirah The Label is committed to using its passion and creativity to help others around the world in need. Its primary mission is to transform the “sweatshop” image, and improve the social and economic stigmas commonly associated in the fashion industry. It aims to accomplish this by providing employment, education, and residential housing to families and individuals living in poverty in the Philippines. By transforming its warehouse into a warm and safe live in boarding school and work environment; individuals and their families will be able receive proper education in the arts of tailoring, while being provided with a safe and nurturing home to live in. The ultimate goal of Sirah’s mission is to provide its employees the education and nurturing they need to pursue greater opportunities in life and in the work place.

With every sale we make and sponsorship we receive, we come closer into making our mission a reality.