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Mood Board
Our DIY creative and inspirational mood board.
Our little corner of paradise. Since space is tight, we've since extended our studio to include not only the family room but also the master bedroom.
Clean up is a pain in the ass!
The mix and match brand collage photo shoot was a blast! But clean up was def a pain in the ass!

Viola! Here are just a couple of the mix and match brand collage we’ve put together that we’ll be sharing with our community in the coming weeks. Hope you like em!

Carissa Cross Over Top
Sirah The Label top, Topshop culottes, Vince Camuto shoes, Gucci clutch, and Jo Malone scents.
Crop Top
Sirah The Label crop top, vintage skirt suit set, YSL purse, Karl Lagerfeld boots, and vintage fresh water pearl set.